The stuffing in the lazy sofa

Update:03 Sep 2020

The common fillings in the lazy sofa are: foam particle […]

The common fillings in the lazy sofa are: foam particle styrofoam, shaped sponge, pp cotton, pearl cotton. The characteristics of these materials are introduced below.

foam particles styrofoam

foam particles are high molecular polymers, which are warm in winter and cool in summer and have fluidity. They are one of the main materials for lazy sofas. Lying on a lazy sofa filled with foam particles, it has excellent elasticity, no static electricity, good hand feeling, and also has a series of superior use characteristics such as heat preservation, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, friction resistance, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance.

stereotyped sponge

It is made of polyurethane material, which is then molded into sponges of different shapes. The stereotyped sponge is a porous material that will bounce back after being pressed. It is particularly good as a filler for a lazy sofa. It has good elasticity, good resistance, no deformation, no peculiar smell, and has the characteristics of high efficiency flame retardant, good tensile force, large elasticity and no deformation.

PP cotton

PP cotton is commonly known as doll cotton, hollow cotton, or filled cotton. The original material is recycled polyester staple fiber fabric. There are mainly two kinds of ordinary fiber and hollow fiber on the market. This product has good resilience, smooth hand feeling and relatively low price. Low and good warmth retention. Compared with other materials for making lazy sofas, PP cotton is inferior, and its flexibility is not as good as that of Styrofoam.

Pearl Cotton

EPE has many advantages such as water-proof and moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat preservation, environmental protection and not easy to build up. It is the most suitable as the filling of the lazy sofa. It is very similar to pp cotton, it is granular, has the characteristics of not easy to compact, and has very good resilience.

What are the buying skills of lazy sofa


When buying any sofa, you must try to sit. When sitting, you must be sure that it is soft and suitable. If it is too soft, you must be alert. A sofa that is too soft may not necessarily be a quality problem, but the "feeling of falling" makes it easy to become a "couch potato". The easiest way to judge whether a sofa is good or not is to sit for a while. If you only move three times in an hour, this is a good sofa; sitting on a good sofa can hardly feel the existence of the sofa, but you can feel strong support; A good sofa generally has a zipper on the bottom surface, which allows you to unzip the springs and fillers; a good sofa is comfortable to sit in various positions, sitting cross-legged, it will sink into it; ordinary sitting will be moderately soft and hard; a good sofa will be heavier , But leather sofas are generally heavier than cloth sofas; the springs of good sofas will be treated with noise reduction.

Furniture Brand

Lazy sofa is a hot new product of furniture, and everyone is still discussing how to make a conclusion about this product. At this time, the choice of furniture brand is still based on the past experience of buying and selling. A lazy sofa with a good reputation should be the priority object of consideration.


The lazy sofa is different from the ordinary sofa in the traditional sense, and its biggest advantage is lightness and freedom. It is a new type of small apartment simple furniture, it does not need to specify a fixed location, room, study, or even next to the desk, as long as there is such a small area, that is its site. Such wonderful simple furniture makes the price and design of the lazy sofa have a different concept.

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