What are the functions of home textile fabrics and how to judge the authenticity of Tencel

Update:15 Jan 2021

What role can home textile fabrics play? With the impro […]

What role can home textile fabrics play?
With the improvement of everyone's living standards, there are higher requirements for home textile fabrics, and the types are also increasing, so next we will tell you what role home textile fabrics can play? Interested friends can learn about it together.
1. Antistatic home textile fabric: At present, an antistatic finishing agent is used to inject a hydrophilic film on the surface of the fiber, which can improve the moisture absorption of the fabric and reduce the friction coefficient and surface resistance. Antistatic fabrics are well used in home textile products such as bedding and curtains.

2. Antibacterial home textile fabrics: Textile fabrics with antibacterial functions play an important role in preventing the invasion of germs. Antibacterial textiles can be obtained by coating or resin treatment on the fabric as a whole. Use on bedding, sheets, towels, etc.

How to judge the authenticity of Tencel?
Tencel is one of the more common home textile products. It is very comfortable and popular with everyone. But how to judge the authenticity of Tencel?
1. Look at the ingredients: first look at the ingredient trademarks. If the seller says it is a Tencel fabric, but the ingredients show 100% other fibers, then it is not real Tencel!

2. It smells of burning paper when burning: Tencel uses wood pulp fiber. If conditions permit, a fiber or yarn on the fabric or other fillers can be extracted and burned. The real Tencel will be burned when burning. With the burning of cotton fiber, the ashes will smell of burning paper, the ashes will turn into powder with a twist, and the polyester has a pungent smell.

3. Classification of Tencel: Tencel feel is cool, slippery, soft, hanging and bright.

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