Choose shade curtains according to the degree of shading

Update:20 May 2021

First, we classify the shade of curtains by percentage, […]

First, we classify the shade of curtains by percentage, including light shading, moderate shading, and complete shading. What is light shading can be understood in this way. Curtains are generally divided into two layers. Half-layer screens are called light shading. This kind of screen is generally white. When people are not resting, they are closed as decoration or to block dust outside the window. If the curtains are used It is not suitable for light use for rest. Moderate shading, in proportion, is between 50% and 80%. The shading effect of such curtains does not completely block the outdoor light, and the light outside the window can be seen vaguely when the curtains are closed. Completely shading, that is, you can't see the outdoor light at all when you close the curtains.

If you choose these shades according to the crowd, children can choose medium shade curtains for children's interior, so that they will feel safe. Similarly, the bedroom curtains of the elderly can also choose medium shade curtains. For adults, after a day of work, they need to take a good rest when they return home. They can choose complete blackout curtains.

But even if different levels of blackout curtains are selected according to different groups of people, in the same home, the choice of indoor curtains should be unified to make the whole home more coordinated. The shade of the curtains is selected, and another very important one is the choice of curtain material. Inferior curtains contain harmful gases such as formaldehyde. When choosing, use plain colors as much as possible. Most of the curtains on the market are made of polyester. , But it is best to choose cotton and linen material. Many people are confused, so be sure to keep your eyes open when choosing. Choosing curtains should be combined with the interior decoration style, like silk fabric curtains, bright colors, light and soft, very suitable for French, light luxury, Chinese styles and other styles. Cotton and linen curtains are very suitable for Nordic or casual American styles. Choose according to your needs.

How to choose shade and heat insulation curtains
1. The size of the sun-shading curtains needs to be determined according to the size of the window, so that the curtains must cover the windows to achieve the sun-shading effect. If it is a floor-to-ceiling window or a long-frame window, we can choose floor-to-ceiling curtains. The curtains have more fabrics and need sun-shading and heat-insulating curtains. We can use flocked curtains such as cotton or man-made fibers. These curtains are thicker and more luxurious, and have good shading and heat insulation effects.

2. Choose the color of the curtains. The living room generally chooses curtains of warm colors, which can set off the warm and warm atmosphere; while in the bedroom, you can use warm or soft colors to give people a romantic feeling. You can use fresh green in the study. The curtains create a natural, quiet and calm atmosphere.

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