Knitted Cushion Cover With a Zip Fastening and Fabric P piping

Update:13 May 2021

Making a knitted cushion can be a very relaxing and rew […]

Making a knitted cushion can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience. You can make a cushion for any size table, room or use them as an end table. Make a wonderful gift for someone you know who loves hand knitting. Knitted cushions are a great way to relax with friends and family and have a comfortable place to sit.

Create your own unique version of the elegant handspinning knitted cushion. You can use any worsted weight wool yarn of your preference to create this unique knitted cushion. The finished measurements of the handspinning knitted cushion is usually a slightly smaller square at 14 inches by fourteen inches. You can wrap this cushion in a clear plastic zipper bag and tuck it into the bottom of a decorative bag or paper box. Wrap the cushion in cellophane and tie with your ribbon.

Use a set of pattern cards or a piece of paper that you want the pattern to appear on. Match the card design to the dimensions given and you are ready to begin your project. If you are creating hand woven wool cushions for a special occasion, use a thinner yarn and less color so that the finishing project will be a more delicate and beautiful piece. To create custom made knitted piping for the cushion covers, first find a good tutorial or guide to making these custom made patterns.

Find a tutorial in your favorite area, on one of the many websites that offer free patterns and step by step instructions. A well designed pattern contains clear instructions that show all of the measurements, materials and steps. The colors and fabric types that are used in the pattern contain specific instructions about how to prepare for seaming and dying. Following the directions carefully will help you achieve an excellent result when creating custom knitted piping for the cushion covers.

Most manufacturers will allow you to choose from several fabrics, including acrylic, polyester and acrylic. Choose the best fabric based on what you will be using it for. A knitted cushion cover with a thick yarn will take longer to weave, resulting in a larger size. A thinner yarn is lighter and makes the finished product smaller. Knitted piping cloth that contains multiple strands and a small hole will help the process go faster.

A knitted cushion cover with a large seed stitch, like a cable, or braided edge looks best with a solid color and contrasting yarns, such as brown and navy blue, or grey and white. You can choose to use one single color, or blend two or more to achieve a beautiful effect. The total number of stitches you will need to complete your project depends on the size and weight of the knitted piping and the fabric used. A half-knit half-fabric cushion cover with a zip fastening and fabric piping is available from many online sources. It is also possible to buy a ready-made pattern that has been formatted by the manufacturer.

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