Classification and characteristics of hotel room bedding products

Update:06 Nov 2020

Suite, master suite or deluxe suite. Many hotels do not […]

Suite, master suite or deluxe suite. Many hotels do not know how to match the room bedding corresponding to the room grade when choosing hotel room linen, but manufacturers or distributors are afraid of trouble and mostly adopt the same type of room linen standard. Such a standard does not reflect the distinction between wine at the guest room level, nor does it reflect the software product level of standard rooms and high-end guest rooms. This will inevitably become a deficiency in the hotel's humanized software products and services.

The main components of hotel bedding are roughly divided into these categories. Such as: bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, quilt cores, pillow cores, protective cushions, bed end cushions (also known as bed qi), bed skirts (depending on the type of bed), cushion covers, and cushion cores. If it is a star-rated hotel, it is necessary to consider equipped with comfortable cushions (usually down and down, the main feature is to increase the softness and comfort of the surface of the bedding).

Sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are referred to as four-piece sets. The pursuit of hotel guest room bedding is to give users peace of mind and quality sleep experience. The main feature of the four-piece suit as a personal bedding is pure cotton and health. Quilt cores, pillow cores, protective pads, and cushion cores are cotton core products. The characteristics of this category of products are more diverse. Because the functions of these types of products are not very uniform. But there is something in common that is comfort. Therefore, when choosing cotton core bedding, you must also match it according to the hotel's star rating. Because the cotton core products are very clear compared to the four-piece suit in terms of product grades, in popular terms, you get what you pay for. The three kinds of beddings: bed end cushion, bed skirt and cushion cover are collectively called decorative linen. As the name suggests, the main feature of decorative linen is to play a decorative role. Most hotel decoration linen designs are determined according to the main color of the hotel room decoration. And the content of the hotel decoration linen is also very rich.

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