Cleaning method for home textiles of different fabrics

Update:04 Aug 2016

First, silk Silk is a relatively high-grade home textil […]

First, silk
Silk is a relatively high-grade home textile fabric. When you wash it, you must pay attention not to be scratched by sharp objects. It is best to use a special silk hair lotion. It is normal for dark silk to fade, so wash it separately. If you wash it yourself, use cold water and wash it gently by hand, and do not throw it directly into the washing machine. Do not expose when drying, the strong sunlight will make the silk fade and become old. Drying in the shade is the right approach. Shake flat when drying in the air to make the fabric smoother.

Second, down
Down usually does not need to be washed. If it is dirty, dry clean or send it to a dry cleaner. Avoid frayed fabrics and down spills. Duvets need to be exposed once every one to two weeks. Do not expose to sunlight. .

Third, chemical fiber
Chemical fiber materials have average adsorption properties. Washing can reduce the bulkiness and affect warmth. Therefore, washing is not recommended, and dry cleaning is recommended.
Fourth, pillow
If stains are stained, washing will reduce the bulkiness of the pillow core (for general pillow cores). When you use it, you need to add an outer cover such as a pillowcase. Chemical fibers should be sun-dried once every two weeks to four weeks, such as: sponge pillows, latex pillows. Under the scorching sun, it will change color and be naturally ventilated, such as health pillows, there are raw materials such as lavender, you can take out the raw materials to ventilate, dry them, and do not store them in a humid place. Compression pillows should not be in a compressed state for a long time. It is best to open for three to four weeks. If it is not opened for a long time, it will also reduce the bulk.

Five, wool blanket
When washing, you can take it to a dry cleaner or wash it at home with a neutral detergent. For household dry cleaning, first add warm water and an appropriate amount of neutral detergent, soak the blanket for about half an hour, scrub carefully, release dirt, rinse with water, and squeeze water. You can just dry them.

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