How about chenille curtains, how to buy chenille curtains

Update:03 Jul 2020

There are many curtains in the store for owners to choo […]

There are many curtains in the store for owners to choose freely, but the curtains made of different materials also have different effects, and there is a significant difference in the sense of drape between them. Take the Chenille curtain, it is also very popular with the public. How about chenille curtains? How to buy chenille curtains? Now let me introduce to you the knowledge of how to buy chenille curtains and how to buy chenille curtains. Let's understand it together!

Chenille curtains

1. Advantages

It has the advantages of good aesthetics, heavy materials, good sound insulation, high-end luxury and suitable for high-end decoration, hard feel, light skin comfort, and a sense of drape. This material is a new type of fancy yarn, which is mainly made by using two strands as the core yarn, and then twisting to sandwich the feather yarn in the middle. Today's chenille curtains on the market still have inferior quality classifications, such as sticky nitrile material, cotton, polyester and polyester chenille.

2. Disadvantages

Although it has so many advantages, it still has some shortcomings. It is more likely to deform frequently, and it will often shrink after washing, and even ironing can not iron it. , Which will cause its fabric to fall down or become velvet, which is the front of the curtain, so that the curtain will not be much ornamental.

How to buy chenille curtains

1. Density and grammage

Perhaps many people point out that the greater the density of the curtain, the less its quality. But this fabric is not. If its density is high and the pile is extremely short, or the density is high, the overall effect looks poor. The standard weight of imported chenille curtains is 1500-1600 g/m2, and the average pile is about 3cm. This kind of pile effect is better.

2. Dyeability

We can see from its color. Generally speaking, it chooses active and environmentally friendly dyeing, its average color value should not be cracked, and it does not contain azo and other highly toxic chemicals that damage people. Its color fastness reaches 3-4. Only the standard reactive staining is considered.

3. Pile effect

In addition, we can start with its quality, and the quality of its detection can be distinguished by the pile on the surface. If its thickness is uneven under the neck, theoretically there are nests at the base of the pile, which are thicker and the top of the pile is thinner, then it is not a good chenille curtain. A good chenille curtain is the same thickness as the root at the top of the pile, and shake a chenille curtain and then lay it on the ground. If the pile is all neatly facing to the side, it is a good product.

Words: In general, this material has many advantages, such as its strong shading, which can help us block the strong sunlight outdoors, and its feel is also very comfortable, which can make our room more classy .

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