What are the advantages of Chenille curtains worth buying?

Update:28 Jun 2020

Chenille has good shading and sound insulation, as well […]

Chenille has good shading and sound insulation, as well as the advantages of softness, lightness, bright color and good brightness. Therefore, Chenille fabric is also very suitable for curtain fabrics and has excellent decoration.

Chenille is a relatively high-end fabric, mostly used in home textiles and knitted apparel. Since Chenille has good light-shielding and sound insulation properties, it also has the advantages of softness, lightness, bright colors and good brightness. Therefore, Chenille fabrics are also very suitable for curtain fabrics and have excellent decoration. So what is chenille? What are the advantages and disadvantages of chenille curtains?

Chenille fabric is a fabric made by twisting short fibers or filaments with different fineness and strength. Because of its plump down, soft feel, thick fabric and light texture, it is widely used in the field of home textiles and knitted garments, forming a new bright spot in product development. Chenille decorative products can be made into sofa covers, bed covers, bed blankets, Table decorations, rugs, wall decorations, curtains, curtains and other city decorations.

The chenille curtain fabric is very good. It can reduce light and shade to meet people's needs for different light intensity; it can also prevent wind, dust, heat, heat, and silence, and improve the climate and environment of the room. Therefore, the clever combination of decoration and practicality is the biggest feature of modern curtains.

It has the effects of temperature adjustment, anti-allergy, anti-static and antibacterial. Due to its good hygroscopicity, it can receive 20 times its own weight of moisture. It feels dry and is widely used in the production of curtains, luggage tents, and insulating cloths. It can form the unique advantages of style very well, it is worth choosing.

What are the advantages of chenille curtains?

Chenille curtains have many advantages, not only have the excellent characteristics of their own materials, through unique embroidery, printing and dyeing processes and embellishments, they have excellent decoration in the home environment, exuding atmosphere, elegance and noble temperament. At the same time, chenille curtains also have a thick feeling, which has the advantages of high-end luxury, soft feel, full suede, good drape, and particularly good water absorption.

1. In terms of appearance, chenille curtains can be made into various exquisite patterns and patterns. The overall look is high-end and gorgeous, with good decoration, which can make the room show a grand feeling and show the noble taste of the owner.

2. In touch, the characteristics of curtain fabrics are that the fiber fibers are held on the core yarn of the ply, the suede is full, has a velvet feel, and the touch is soft and comfortable.

3. Suspension, Chenille curtains have excellent drape, keep the vertical surface vertical, good texture, make the room more tidy.

4. Light-shielding, the chenille curtain has a thick texture, which can block the strong light in summer, protect indoor furniture, home appliances, etc., and can also play a certain role in keeping warm in winter.

The disadvantage of chenille is that chenille cannot be ironed at high temperature, and the fabric cannot be scratched, otherwise it will cause the fabric to be velvet and down, and the fabric will be uneven and scratched, which is particularly ugly. In addition, chenille curtains will shrink during cleaning.

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