How many kinds of chenille curtain fabrics do you know

Update:14 Aug 2020

Chenille fabrics are fabrics made by twisting short fib […]

Chenille fabrics are fabrics made by twisting short fibers or filaments of different thickness and strength. Because of its plump down, soft hand, and thick fabric, it is widely used in home textiles and knitted garments. This issue of iced coffee mainly introduces the application and types of chenille fabrics on curtains.


Pure color dyed chenille

Dyed chenille: Use the original white gauze to weave and dye it after weaving, usually a single color. Pure color dyed chenille has rich colors, soft hand feeling, good drape, washing resistance, and strong color fastness.

Yarn-dyed Chenille

Yarn-dyed chenille: dye the yarn first, use one or more colors of yarn before weaving. It is possible to weave fabrics with several color cycles. Compared with dyed chenille, you can make more colorful fabrics.

Double-sided Chenille

Both sides can be used, no matter the front and back, the velvet feel is the same plump and full.

Blackout Chenille

Shading is one of the most important functions of curtains. Chenille can achieve shading effect by adding black wire on the interlayer or adding black wire on the back. This is the shading chenille. Shading Chenille generally shading rate can be 80-90%.

Colorful dyed chenille

Although colorful chenille has multiple colors, it is dyed, not yarn-dyed. Because it is a blend of viscose and polyester. When dyeing dyes meet different materials, the color will be different, thus showing multiple colors.

Chenille jacquard fabric

Chenille jacquard fabric is weaving with jacquard technology to make the fabric show different patterns. Not only are the colors rich, but the pattern can also be rich and varied. Chenille jacquard fabric is an essential one in the high-end curtain market.

Chenille jacquard seamless stitching

Chenille fabrics achieve seamless stitching through jacquard and yarn-dyed processes. This fabric is more delicate than hand stitching, and the jacquard is more layered. This is why this fabric is very popular this year.

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