Is it better to choose cotton, linen, silk or chenille for the curtain material?

Update:08 Aug 2020

The silk is good. The high grade of silk and satin depe […]

The silk is good. The high grade of silk and satin depends on how it is used. Cotton and linen are more environmentally friendly, chenille is more airy, and each fabric has its own characteristics. Chenille curtains belong to a relatively high-end curtain fabric in life. Chenille curtains are made of a very thick fabric, with high-end luxury, soft hand feeling, plump suede and good drape.

Chenille has various advantages in life, so it is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. It has a velvet feel, plump, warm, decorative and effective, so it is very popular.

Chenille is a kind of flannel, which is a high-grade material. It is mainly popular in recent years and looks relatively high-end. It can be expensive, but ordinary snow is not very expensive. It has disadvantages, shrinks, and cannot be ironed.

Extended information

Curtain selection: First of all, the overall effect of the room should be considered. Generally speaking, curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, tulle, mesh cloth, etc. can not only transmit a certain degree of natural light, but also enable people to have indoors during the day.

A sense of privacy and security. Moreover, because this kind of fabric has the characteristics of soft texture, light weight, etc., it is better to hang on the window.

At the same time, pay attention to the use of thick curtains, because thick curtains have a significant effect on forming a unique indoor environment and reducing external interference. When choosing thick curtains, it is better to choose curtains made of materials such as corduroy, woolen cloth, golden velvet and flax fabrics.

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