What are the purchase rules for cushions

Update:30 Jul 2020

Cushions are now indispensable in home decoration. They […]

Cushions are now indispensable in home decoration. They are not only the main decoration accessories for the living room and bedroom, but also adjust our sitting and lying postures to make the contact between the human body and the furniture more comfortable and appropriate.

The role of cushions in space

1. Harmony and unity, creating an elegant mood

Furniture alone is not enough to create a living room environment and atmosphere. Even with the help of exquisite curtains, the space is still slightly thin. Cushions that are basically the same as the curtain pattern but change ingeniously are the good medicine to invigorate the room. In this way, the space is light and not monotonous, with a tranquil and far-reaching elegance.

2. Play all tricks, light up the elegant space

Many people do not like exaggerated and gorgeous sofas, but advocate simple and comfortable styles. If the color is too simple and elegant, it will give the space a cold feeling. Stripes, seashells, and some indescribable patterns casually displayed their charms on the white sofa, effectively embellishing the beauty of the space, but without the provocation of exaggerated tones.

3. Color combination to create seasonal characteristics

If the room stays the same throughout the year, it will make life lose its freshness. Changing the color of the space with the seasons is a good way. Prepare cushions of various colors. In the spring when the grass grows and the warbler flies, and in the hot sun and green summer, use colors to create different feelings according to the season.

4. Harmony without difference, born in the style of rational noble

European retroism is now far more famous than its advocate Louis XIV. Its gorgeous and exquisite decoration, elegant lines, posing like a lady, the roses behind it give it romance, but still There needs to be a balance of rational stripe decoration, which also increases the comfort of the chair.

Cushion purchase rule

1. Consider the relationship between the cushion and the overall space

The cushions and the overall environment of the room are generally set off, and there is a contrast relationship with other fabrics. Sofas mainly made of gray and elegant fabrics should usually use brightly colored cushions; if the sofa and cushions are plain, choose the texture For stronger fabrics, the relationship between cushions, bedspreads, and sheets can also be made of the same fabric with different patterns or different proportions of the same pattern, and the effect is uniform and variable.

Second, consider the shape of the cushion

The production of the cushion is full of randomness, the shape becomes rich and diverse, and its different shapes can play different embellishment effects in the room environment. For example, square cushions look solemn; round cushions are slightly lively in dignity; triangular, imitating animal and plant shapes are more lively and interesting, which can create a relaxed and lively atmosphere in the living room. The edge treatment of the cushion is also diverse, such as locks, wrinkles, ruffles, laces, inlays, seams, etc., so it is a powerful tool for adjusting indoor artistic effects.

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