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Update:27 Jul 2020

What many people don’t know is In addition to physical […]

What many people don’t know is

In addition to physical weight, curtains are also visually lighter

For example, the longer the curtain, the darker the color, the heavier it looks

Velvet curtains are also heavier than cotton and yarn curtains

In addition

Curtains with dense folds look

Will be heavier than smooth curtains

The more "heavier" the visual effect of curtains

The stronger the presence in soft outfit

Chenille is one of the more common raw materials for fabric curtain production. The veil of chenille is not mysterious, it is just a new type of fancy yarn.

The production process is mainly to use two strands as the core yarn, and then twist the feather yarn in the middle to spin it.

Because the chenille material is very soft, the curtain fabric made of it also has the soft characteristics of chenille.

The advantages of chenille curtains

Chenille fabric is a high-end fabric in the curtain textile property. It is a fabric made by twisting short fibers or filaments with different fineness and strength.

From the appearance point of view, chenille curtains can be made into various exquisite patterns and patterns. The overall look is high-end and gorgeous, and the decoration is good. It can make the interior present a feeling of magnificence and express the noble taste of the owner.

From the touch point of view, it feels soft and plump. Not only has the touch of cashmere, but the surface also has the texture of hemp. The characteristics of high weight will have the obedience you want, and the exclusive sense tailored for you.

From the perspective of suspension, chenille curtains have excellent drape, keeping the vertical surface vertical, with good texture, and making the room more tidy.

From the perspective of shading, chenille curtains are thick in texture, which can block strong light in summer, protect indoor furniture, home appliances, etc., and also play a role in keeping warm in winter.

From a functional point of view, chenille has the effects of temperature regulation, anti-allergic, anti-static, and anti-bacterial. It can receive 20 times the water of its own weight. It feels dry and is worth choosing.

Chenille curtain matching case

Volga blue, its cool color, is like an elf falling into the mortal world, clear and pure. If you want to create a refreshing and pure space, it is recommended to use the same color for home or accessories, which is very suitable for summer. Paired with rustic and natural walnut furniture, the single sofa with full lines emphasizes the exquisite texture of the space.

Grey-pink, fused with the gentleness of pink, it is extraordinarily temperamental, and the pink-blue sofa is embellished, making the space soft and three-dimensional.

Gentle and comfortable gray-blue, fresh and concise, not impetuous or impetuous, and the blue tone with excellent tolerance, not only adjusts the overall atmosphere, but also does not appear abrupt.

The calm and calm gray-blue-green color creates an elegant and concise space tone, and a gentle and elegant princess style permeates the space.

How to choose chenille curtains

There are also skills in choosing chenille curtains.

Choosing chenille curtains with warm colors in the living room can give people a sense of hospitality.

The curtains in the study are better in neutral and cool tones, among which light green, dark green and light blue are the crowns of all colors.

In the bedroom, you should choose curtains with smooth and calm colors to make the room look elegant but not deserted, warm but not tacky.

Choose the color and material of chenille curtains to distinguish the different characteristics of the season.

Summer use light, transparent and soft yarn or silk, preferably light color, breathable and cool;

In winter, use thick and dense flannel with a warm and heavy color to highlight the thick and warmth.

In spring and autumn, thick material ice silk, floral cloth, artificial silk, etc. are mainly used, and the color should be medium-colored.

The floral chenille curtains are lively and lively, suitable for all seasons.

However, everything has two sides, and Chenille curtains are no exception.

Due to the characteristics of the material itself, there are some shortcomings, it will be deformed, will shrink after washing, can not be smoothed by ironing, resulting in curtain fabric down and messy, especially on the front of the curtain.

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