How to match bedroom curtains

Update:05 Mar 2021

Curtains are the most important aspect of soft decorati […]

Curtains are the most important aspect of soft decoration. The decoration of the house is good or not. The matching of curtains accounts for a large part. Its existence creates thousands of home styles, which can be elegant, sober, noble, and can romantic. As the bedroom plays an important role in the home, how should bedroom curtains be selected? How to make it beautiful and fashionable, and its strong shading performance does not prevent you from sleeping in. So this is also a difficult choice. Next, let me make it simple for everyone.

One: fine rainbow curtain
Rainbow curtain Korean double-layer dimming structure, simple and fashionable, easy to operate, one opening and one room can effectively filter strong light and ultraviolet rays, and easily improve the indoor light environment for you. It has the effects of high-temperature shaping treatment, dust-proof and anti-static, and the fabric is not easy to deform and fade. The texture of the solid fabric is soft and silky, and the mesh part is visually delicate and beautiful: the fine rainbow curtain series are semi-shielding. Fully blackout series, when the curtain is opened, you can clearly feel the soft scenery outside the window through the mesh part, and you can meditate in the soft and elegant private space by closing the curtain.

Two: Peacock Curtain
Pearl flower diadem, emerald earrings, brocade and silk weave on a green robe; slowly shake the lotus step and look forward to it, elegant and rich and leisurely. I am afraid that only this poem can show the beauty, nobility, elegance and calmness of the peacock. Therefore, only the peacock can reflect the nobility and elegance of this curtain, and only the beautiful peacock can show the gorgeousness and atmosphere between the opening and closing of this curtain. The peacock trails the long gold thread, the perfect combination of thread and curtain. The jacquard peacock curtain has a fresh pattern and a strong three-dimensional effect. It adopts a three-layer weaving technology to make the product pattern clear and three-dimensional. Advanced technology, through 13 procedures to ensure product quality. When the peacock curtain is opened or closed, it can well weaken the sunlight and reduce the penetration of ultraviolet rays; it also adds to the beauty of the indoor environment while ensuring personal privacy.

Three: Evian curtain
Evian curtain is a new type of product that combines honeycomb curtain and Shangri-La curtain. The four-layer structure can minimize the strong light entering the room when opened, making the light softer, more comfortable, and at the same time reducing The penetration of ultraviolet rays can produce a good sense of haziness, which makes people's sight, environment, and curtains naturally blend together, relieves visual fatigue, and fully reflects the high-quality life of users.

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