Popularization of knowledge about electric curtains

Update:26 Feb 2021

In today's advanced technology, in fact, electric curta […]

In today's advanced technology, in fact, electric curtains are no longer a rare object. We have already given a detailed introduction to electric curtains before. Traditional curtains are all hand-pulled, and electric curtains, as the name suggests, use the principle of electric instead of hand-pulled. Curtains that are opened or closed remotely via the main controller.

In principle, all curtain products can be made into electric curtains, which is a general term for motor-driven curtains. Today, I will take the most common electric opening and closing curtain as an example to talk about the actual effect of his structure and the price. This is the structure diagram of the electric opening and closing curtain, which is divided into four parts: track, motor, controller, and fabric. The motor is the power of the curtain contains the signal receiving system, and the forward, reverse and stop of the motor are realized through the controller. Unlike ordinary curtain rods, the track is a key component to realize the opening and closing of the curtain. The motor transmits the force to the transmission box and drives the timing belt. There are pulleys and pulleys on the timing belt to finally realize the opening and closing of the curtain. This is the basic operation of electric curtains.

Electric curtains are generally divided into four different working modes according to the different needs of users: 1. Time-controlled working mode, that is, the switch time is set on the main controller, the time is opened in the morning, the curtain is slowly opened, and the time is closed in the evening and evening. When it arrives, the curtains close automatically. To temporarily open or close, just use the remote control and lightly press the "open" or "close" button. 2. Semi-automatic manual control: When opening or closing the curtain, the semi-automatic manual control only needs to press the "forward" or "reverse" button, and the curtain will stop automatically when it is in place. 3. Intelligent brightness control: The opening or closing of the curtain is automatically controlled by the main controller through the brightness of the test environment. "Close at dark and open at dawn" has an intelligent management method, which does not cause malfunction. 4. Manual control: use the infrared remote control to directly control the opening or closing of the window. Because the control is done manually, it becomes manual control, that is, manual control executes the forward, reverse and stop of the motor.

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