Living room curtain matching skills reflect different curtain effects

Update:05 Jun 2020

Curtains play an important role in home life. In additi […]

Curtains play an important role in home life. In addition to their functionality, the most important thing is that suitable and beautiful curtains can make the entire home space more harmonious and beautiful, and can also increase the warmth of the home and solve the space problem. The lack of coordination between the furniture and the space.

The purchase of curtains must first be unified with the style.

When people often buy curtains, as long as the pattern of the curtain is good-looking, it does not consider whether the style is matched and the color is harmonious. I often hear people say that my home is a mashup style. For most people, it may not be possible to tell which style has what characteristics, and then there will be a so-called mashup style. You must consult a professional designer. The style is chaotic. The first thing to avoid when choosing curtains.

It is recommended to buy curtains after choosing furniture.

why? Because the curtain can connect the roof, wall, floor and furniture well in space, so that the color and space can be well over and coordinated, and it can also make up for some problems in furniture color and space layout.

For example, furniture and wallpaper are too dark, and curtains can brighten the entire space at this time. There is a single product in the furniture, or it is matched with a relatively bright color, which appears abrupt in the space. At this time, the color of the curtain can also be used to coordinate and excessively weaken the abrupt feeling. If the space is relatively empty or crowded, you can also use curtains to improve.

It is recommended that curtains consider practicality and coordination, and do not blindly pursue good looks and fashion.

The bedroom must have good shading and help sleep, while the living room and other places are mainly light and thin curtains. If it is not the style and personal needs, there is no need to make heavy double curtains. The living room curtains are generally decorative It is enough to partially block the light, and curtains that can maintain a certain degree of privacy when the curtains are closed are first. Curtains that are too thick are not needed at all, are also troublesome to clean, and can easily deposit dust.

For curtains, the texture and drape of the fabric are also important.

Good fabrics have a good texture and drape. Such curtains show a high-level sense, which can enhance the taste of space and directly affect the overall effect. Otherwise, it will be difficult to produce effects, and it will even give people a very cheap feeling.

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