Flame retardant fabric shrinkage, tear strength, carbon length

Update:01 Jun 2020

Fiber flame retardant, also known as permanent flame re […]

Fiber flame retardant, also known as permanent flame retardant fabric, is the work done in the early stage of the entire fabric making process, mainly using flame retardant fibers to weave into grey cloth. The flame retardant effect is permanent, which can be maintained up to 50 times Above, it has good washing effect, especially the flame-retardant yarn polypropylene (polyacrylic) commonly used, which shrinks and carbonizes in case of fire. It will extinguish when the fire source leaves. There was a secondary fire. It is usually used for apparel fabrics.

Disposable flame retardant fabrics are ordinary fabrics that have been treated with flame retardants in the later dyeing and finishing. Its biggest disadvantage is that the flame retardant effect disappears or declines significantly after washing. Generally, we use it in some occasions with fewer washing times, such as Hotel curtains, etc.

Flame retardant fabric shrinkage, tear strength, carbon length

A complex process in the testing room of flame retardant fabrics requires many items to be tested. Today we will mainly talk about the shrinkage, tear strength and carbon length of flame retardant fabrics.

The shrinkage of flame retardant clothing refers to the percentage of fabric shrinkage after washing or immersion in water. Test results to prove whether the clothing has shrunk.

The tear strength of the flame-retardant fabric indicates the firmness of the fabric. Stretching indicates the amount of force required to pull off on the one hand, and the form stability and elasticity of the fabric on the one hand. The less likely it is to tear, the stronger the fabric.

The carbon length of the flame retardant fabric refers to the length of the fabric carbonized after the flame is ignited after a certain period of time, and the combustion is completely extinguished. Indicates the flame retardant properties of the fabric.

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