How to match sofa cushions

Update:23 May 2020

The production of cushions is full of randomness, and t […]

The production of cushions is full of randomness, and the shape becomes rich and diverse. Its different shapes can play different embellishment effects in the living room environment. For example, square cushions are solemn; round cushions are slightly lively in dignified; triangles, and animal and plant shapes are more vivid and interesting, which can create a relaxed and lively atmosphere in the living room. The edge treatment of the cushion is also various, such as locks, folds, ruffles, sand-drawing lace, wire inserts, seam piping, etc., so it is a powerful tool for adjusting the artistic effect of the interior.

So how to match?

1. How to match sofa cushions

1. White sofa + bright color cushion

How can a simple white fabric sofa satisfy the current young people who pursue individuality and fashion, and who is adhering to what color matching principle.

You can break all the conventions in your little world, decorate the sofa with the brightest colors without jumping into the corners, splicing color stitching, post-modernist patterns, and just a cushion is enough for personality.

2. Black leather sofa + white or orange cushion

The red brick wall surface behind the rich texture of the black leather sofa shows a long-lasting retro mood, and the contrast of black and red makes people shine.

The contrast between the two colors alone may create a little abruptness, so the white and orange cushions and the black sofa staged another rival play.

3. European-style retro sofa + rational striped cushion

European-style. Its gorgeous and exquisite decoration, elegant lines, like a noble lady's first posture, the rose behind it gives it romance, but still The pillows decorated with rational stripes need to be balanced, which also increases the comfort of the chair.

Second, leather sofa with cushions

1. Color

In the colors of the cushions in groups, the dark sofas choose the same color series to make the whole space look more lively and fashionable.

However, it is necessary to avoid colors that are too close to the sofa colors, such as different shades of gray, or contrasting colors, such as white and red, to give people a feeling of change. In the group of cushion colors, there are different patterns or continuous patterns. The light gray sofa can be selected with cushions of warm colors that are not too high in purity, or contrasting colors, such as lake blue and orange, to increase the sense of liveliness.

2. Consider the whole

Plate furniture, choose a lively style with high contrast; European style, the material of the cushion should be high-grade, and the pattern should be elegant.

The interior color is simple and simple, and the cushions choose bright colors with high purity to enliven the atmosphere. There are many colors in the room, and the color of the cushion should be simple. The easiest way is to refer to the color of the sofa.

Creating the living room environment and atmosphere It is not enough to rely on the sofa alone, even if there are beautiful curtains to help, the space is still slightly thin.

Cushions that are basically unified with the curtain pattern but cleverly changed are the good medicine to invigorate the living room. In this way, the space is light and not monotonous, with a quiet and distant elegance.

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