Overview of curtain types?

Update:05 Feb 2021

The style, style and function of curtains: 1. Opening a […]

The style, style and function of curtains:

1. Opening and closing curtains (flat curtains)-curtains that move in parallel along the track or pole of the track.

(1) European-style luxurious shape: There are window curtains on the top, and the edges of the curtains are decorated with skirts. The pattern is mainly rich in large flowers, which is more luxurious and rich.

(2) Roman rod type: the track of the curtain is made of Roman rods of various shapes or materials. There are many variations in pattern and method. There are window curtains and windowless curtains. The pattern can be large flowers with rich colors, or more elegant Striped or plain, etc.
(3) Simple style: This kind of curtain highlights the texture and drape of the fabric without adding any auxiliary decorative means. It is made of plain, striped or lightly colored small flowers and plants, which is more fashionable and atmospheric.
(4) Affordable shape (Japanese style): It is made according to the size of the window, and the color or pattern selection is relatively light and economical.
2. Roman curtains (lift curtains)-curtains that move up and down under the traction of ropes.
Roman blinds are mostly made of yarn (of course there are other fabrics), and they are mostly considered from the aspect of decoration and beautification.
Mainly appear in the guest courtyard, aisle or study room, hotel courtyard, coffee court and other places that do not need to block strong light sources, so the production requirements are higher. There are probably several styles:
(1) Ordinary rope type,
(2) Cross bar type,
(3) Sector shape,
(4) Wave shape,
There are also designs with window curtains and windowless curtains. It can be a single curtain or combined with an opening and closing curtain.

3. Roller blinds-curtains that move up and down with the rolling of the tube.
Roller blinds are generally used in toilets, offices and other places, mainly to block the line of sight.
The material is generally non-woven fabric pressed into various lines or printed into various patterns. It is required to be bright but not transparent, with a scratchy surface.
4. Venetian blinds-hard curtains that can be adjusted by 180 degrees and can be used for vertical or horizontal movement.
This kind of curtain has wide applicability, such as: study room, bathroom, kitchen room, office and some public places can be used. It can block the line of sight and adjust the light. The material is wood, metal, chemical fiber cloth or formed non-woven fabric, etc. There are two types: vertical and parallel.
5. Sun shade (ceiling shade and outdoor shade)

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