What is the difference between flame retardant cloth and fireproof cloth?

Update:28 Jan 2021

Generally speaking, fire-retardant cloth is flame-retar […]

Generally speaking, fire-retardant cloth is flame-retardant cloth, that is to say, a fabric that is flame-retardant and stops burning. The fire-retardant cloth is made of flame-retardant composite materials. It has excellent structure, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, anti-oxidation and fire insulation materials. It has excellent characteristics such as excellent structure, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, and oxidation resistance. The high temperature resistance is 550℃~1100℃. Fireproof insulation material Fireproof cloth helps to protect objects and work areas from welding sparks.

Flame-retardant fabrics are divided into two types: intrinsic fiber flame-retardant and post-finish flame-retardant. Post-finish flame-retardant is divided into one-time and durable flame-retardant. Fiber flame retardant and durable flame retardant cloth. The fiber has a flame-retardant effect before weaving, and it has a durable flame-retardant effect, and the washing effect is more than 50 times. For example, aramid flame-retardant cloth, Molike flame-retardant cloth, etc. Usually used for clothing fabrics. Disposable flame-retardant fabrics are ordinary fabrics that are treated with flame retardants in the later dyeing and finishing. Its biggest disadvantage is that the flame-retardant effect disappears or significantly declines after washing. Usually we use it in some occasions with less washing times, such as Hotel curtains etc.

Durable flame-retardant cloth is the use of flame retardant in cotton fiber and its blended fabric. Its main feature is that after using this flame retardant to produce and finish, the fabric can have good flame retardant ability within 50 washing times. It is also used in clothing fabrics. The initial flame retardant properties of the three are not much different, but the flame retardant properties of the disposable flame retardant fabric disappear completely after washing.

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