Tips To Clean Curtains

Update:29 Sep 2020

Everyone spends their quality time and relax with their […]

Everyone spends their quality time and relax with their family at home. We all know how important it is to clean our homes. We take many steps to maintain cleanliness in our homes. We clean the furniture and carpets regularly to avoid buying a new one. But many people don't take time for curtain cleaning. As we know that curtains help to keep the light out and maintain the heat in the room. As in summer, we can draw our curtains to keep our rooms cool during the day. And they also increase the amount of privacy we love in our homes.

We do not use our curtains as such so we don't pay attention to them, we just open them in the morning and draw them in the evening. They are not used several times a day so they also don't have dirt or any marks on them. But still there are several reasons why you should clean your curtains regularly:

  • The main drawback for dirty curtains is that they are heavens for allergens, so regular curtain cleaning will reduce the allergens from your curtains and house.

  • Clean curtains will not provide you any false odors and will always make your room to smell good, which looks inviting.

  • Regular curtain cleaning helps to keep the level of dust or dirt entering the house very low. As whenever you hit the curtain while holding it with another hand then you can see that air is not filled with dust that means it refuses dirt particles to settle down.

Few Tips To Clean Curtains At Home

  • Vacuum

Vacuum the curtains while they are hanging is the best way for curtain cleaning. We can do this regularly to stop the build-up of dirt and dust caused by leaks from windows, ceiling fans, or just can occur naturally. We can do this by attaching the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner we must avoid too much pulling with the vacuum so the curtain does not fall from the rod.

  • Dry Clean Your Curtains

We can use hot water steamer for more thorough home cleaning. We can use dry cleaning solvents in our steam cleaners to clean the curtains at home. Remember that curtain dry cleaning with the solvents which are not tested or recommended for your curtain fibers.

  • Machine Wash

It usually depends upon the material of your curtain, that you can usually clean them by putting them in the washing machine. If there is an option for the delicate cycle in your washing machine then be sure to use it, or choose a cool wash with slow can use a normal washing detergent in this case. If you are worried about damaging the curtain then you can hand wash your curtains instead.

  • Hand Wash

You can use your simple washing detergent or special soap specified for hand washing, it is better to use a gentle soap to avoid damage to the curtain. You must follow the instructions on your product to hand wash as different products require different instructions for their washing method.

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