Home furnishing sofa cushion matching skills

Update:10 Oct 2020

In modern home living spaces, sofas seem to have become […]

In modern home living spaces, sofas seem to have become the standard configuration of soft furnishings in the living room, and more or less cushions are usually matched on the sofa. Cushions are now more commonly referred to as pillows, which are commonly used collocations for modern chairs, sofas and beds, and integrate practicality and decoration. When we are doing home furnishing, how do we choose the sofa cushion that suits us and arrange a warm and comfortable home?
1. Different home furnishing styles need different cushions.
The cushion is composed of three parts: fabric, lining and filling. The choice of cushions should not only conform to your own comfort, but also match the overall style of the room. Visually speaking, the main thing is to look at fabrics and shapes, and of course tactile comfort should also be considered. The fabric is generally plain cotton, twill cotton, velvet, satin, nylon, canvas, etc.
2. Choose a suitable inner core filling material.
Inner core materials generally include sponge, cotton, hollow cotton, etc. These materials are fluffy and soft, and you should choose your own comfort and adaptability.
3. Harmonious cushion color.
The color of the cushion must be well grasped, because home furnishings pay great attention to color matching. When the color in the living room is obviously rich, it is necessary to use the color matching, so that it will not appear messy. If the room color itself is relatively single, it is best to use complementary colors for cushions and pillows. With such a strong contrast color, it can make the atmosphere of the entire room become active.
4. The right size.
You must control the size of any item in your home furnishings, and the cushion is no exception. The size of the sofa cushion is usually not smaller than the size of the sofa. Therefore, you must figure out the size of your own sofa before purchasing a sofa cushion.
Home furnishing has mastered these sofa cushion matching skills, placing yourself on the sofa, you can not only have a comfortable sitting feeling, but also get visual enjoyment, so that warmth permeates the entire home space.

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