Curtain design returns to simplicity from prosperity

Update:15 Oct 2020

In the home environment, curtains are an important part […]

In the home environment, curtains are an important part, and play a finishing touch to the whole home decoration effect. With the current young consumers becoming more and more inclined to concise home decoration styles, the curtains have also undergone significant changes, abandoning the previous cumbersome and complex decorations and shapes, and moving towards a simple and convenient design direction.
   The appearance of the curtain sample does not seem to be luxurious or complicated. It's just that the texture is good to the touch, the hand feels better, the shading rate is also very high, and it is almost opaque to strong light sources. According to the owner, this is a new style of curtains featuring modern and simple style. He said that in the era when home furnishings emphasized luxury and high-grade, the curtains that consumers chose were mainly luxurious, heavy and complex shapes. Some are also divided into main curtain, auxiliary curtain, top curtain, etc., especially the top curtain, many of which have complex decorations. Now consumers’ preferences have changed. Many people start to like light and simple curtains, which are also easier to clean and manage.
   The curtains are simple in shape, soft in texture and high in shading. Especially young people, their homes are no longer the old European classical, American luxury and other styles, luxury decoration pays attention to matching with complex and heavy luxury curtains. Such curtains are time-consuming and laborious to make, and the price is much higher. Now young people prefer to choose simple and fashionable curtains. In terms of colors, curtains in modern and simple styles are also much cleaner, mainly gray and white, because these two colors are versatile colors, which can be matched with any home tone, and the effect is very good. In the past, there were dozens of colors for a curtain, many of which were bright red and purple.
   In addition to shapes and colors, the structure of curtains is also developing in a simple direction. In addition to the main curtain, ordinary curtains also have top curtains, gauze curtains and even blackout curtains. But now many young consumers no longer use top curtains and gauze curtains. They are just a main curtain, which integrates the functions of blackout and gauze curtains, which is simple and convenient.
   Generally, curtains include main curtain and gauze curtain. Two sets of curtain rods are required, and some curtain rods are required to be installed three sets, which is more complicated. Disassembly and assembly are also very troublesome. Today's young consumers are "lazy" consumption, the simpler the better. So now many people choose curtains, just a pair of curtains, a pair of curtain rods, nothing extra. Such curtains are much easier to make and install.
Experts in the industry believe that in terms of the overall home decoration style, more and more "subtraction" is being pursued, materials are used as little as possible, and unnecessary decorations are reduced. This is not only low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but also simple and convenient, reducing the probability of decoration quality problems. It is convenient for daily home care. This style is more popular among young people. It is foreseeable that in the future, simple style curtains will occupy the mainstream market.

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