How should we choose color printing bed set?

Update:22 Oct 2020

1. Fabric material    bed sheets are in close contact w […]

1. Fabric material
   bed sheets are in close contact with the human body, so the material requirements are very high. Generally speaking, the higher the natural fiber content, the better the fabric. This is because bed sheets made of natural fibers have good moisture absorption and breathability, mild touch and no irritation, and can protect human skin well.
  2, printing and dyeing process
   Although the current printing and dyeing process is becoming more and more mature, as long as you can think of the color can be perfectly presented, but since it is a dye, no matter the degree, it will bring certain harm to the human body. Therefore, it is safer to have as few printing and dyeing processes as possible for bed sheet fabrics. Dark-colored bed sheet fabrics generally take a long time to dye and damage the internal fibrous tissue more, which is better than light-colored ones. In addition, the quality standards of light-colored fabrics are stricter than those of dark-colored fabrics. Flaws are particularly easy to be detected. Printing or dyeing may conceal the flaws.
  3, fabric density
   One of the important measures of fabric grade is density, which is often overlooked by us. The density of fabrics sold on the market is generally 120-200, which is very thin. If it can reach 300, it is called high-count and high-density in China; the density of exported fabrics will be higher, and the density of mid-range fabrics is about 250-400. , Medium and high-end fabrics can reach more than 400 pieces, and higher can reach 1600 pieces.
  The density of the fabric has a great influence on the quality. The fabric is not strong, how the hand feel and breathability, including cost, are all related to the fabric density. In short, the denser the bed sheet fabric, the better, the fabric feels more comfortable and delicate, and sleeps sounder and healthier.
   4. Fabric technology
   It’s not good to have a good material, and the production process of the bed sheet has to pass. Generally speaking, the satin fabric has the best experience, the jacquard fabric gives a high-end feel, and the printed fabric is more fancy.
  5. Sewing process
   What is a good sewing process? The stitch size must be uniform, and the stitching should be smooth, thin, and appropriate. As long as the above conditions are met, it can be said that this bed sheet sewing process is good.
   6. Sheets shrink
   bed sheet fabrics have a certain shrinkage rate, which is also the focus of attention when purchasing. The relevant national standards stipulate that the shrinkage rate of the fabric should be controlled within 4%. Generally speaking, the higher the density of the bed sheet fabric, the less likely to shrink and deform.

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