What kind of blackout curtains are good? What are the materials of blackout curtains

Update:03 Apr 2020

Blackout curtains are the first choice for many familie […]

Blackout curtains are the first choice for many families today to choose curtains, which not only have a good shading effect, but also play a good decorative effect

Blackout curtain material-coated blackout cloth

When using blackout curtains, we usually use two layers to design, which not only meets the requirements of beauty, but also meets the requirements of its practicality. Coated shading material is a kind of curtain shading material that we generally use. It is to apply some shading pigments to the fabric to make the curtain fabric more compact and not let sunlight or ultraviolet rays penetrate. .

Shading curtain material-linen shading cloth

Some curtains are relatively heavy. For example, such curtains have a certain shading effect. Linen-type shading cloth is similar to this material, its drape is relatively good, can be directly made into curtains. Moreover, its overall texture is thick and heavy type, which can block the outdoor light and let people get a better rest.

Blackout curtain material-printed cloth material

When choosing blackout curtains, we can also see the blackout curtains made of calico. This material is dyed with colored printing directly on this kind of fabric by printing methods such as transfer printing or paint, to make a printed curtain with a shading effect. Moreover, it has many printing styles and can choose various printing patterns.

Blackout curtain material-flame retardant blackout cloth

Flame retardant shading cloth is also a kind of shading curtains. Its material is a bit similar to the material of insulators, and the whole material is silver. We use this kind of curtains outside the curtains, so that the light can be blocked from the outside. Moreover, the curtain of this material also has a certain flame retardant effect, it is more safe when used.

Shading curtain material-jacquard shading cloth

Jacquard shading curtain is the product among them. Through professional design, it can weave out various patterns and patterns. These patterns are on the curtain. This can also achieve the effect of shading to a certain extent, and it can also make different shades.

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