Flannel blankets and coral fleece blankets

Update:11 Apr 2020

The flannel blanket is a blanket product made of flanne […]

The flannel blanket is a blanket product made of flannel, and the flannel product is a woolen fabric woven from carded wool yarn. The flannel product first appeared It is in England in the eighteenth century, and the flannel mentioned in our country is a woolen fabric with a jacquard style. This woolen fabric has a layer of wool on it , There will be no texture leakage, it feels soft and smooth when touched, it has a relatively large advantage, and the performance of the flannel blanket products made of flannel is also relatively strong in this respect. . The sales volume of the flannel blanket on the market is relatively good. When it is used in our homes, not only the aesthetics will be better, but also the comfort when we sleep is better. To a large extent, the guarantee helps us to better sleep.

flannel blankets

Like flannel, coral fleece is also a type of fabric made by shrinking and fleece. His fleece will be shorter than flannel, and the fabric will be coral-like. However, the fleece from the flannel is more delicate and tight and the coral fleece will be much sparse. Compared with the coral flannel, the flannel is not so easy to lose hair.

Coral Fleece Blanket

Which is more expensive, flannel or coral fleece:

Flannel is more expensive. A soft and suede woolen fabric woven from carded woolen yarn. It generally refers to a mixed woolen fabric of mixed color woolen yarn. Covered with fine fluff, soft and smooth to the touch. In the production of flannel, part of the wool is dyed first, and then a part of the primary color wool is blended, blended and spun into a mixed color wool yarn, and the woven fabric is finished by shrinking and brushing. Most of them use twill weave and plain weave. In addition to full wool, the raw materials used are generally wool-viscose blended, and some are mixed with a small amount of nylon fiber to improve wear resistance.

1. The fleece of flannel is fine and dense, and the fleece of coral fleece is relatively thick and sparse; so coral fleece is easy to lose hair, while flannel is not easy to lose hair.

2. The flannel weight is relatively high, which means that the fabric will be thicker, but the coral fleece blanket is warmer, comfortable to cover, and easy to clean.

3. The surface of the coral fleece blanket has small coral fleece particles, and the surface of the flannel is smoother fluff. The difference in this surface is more intuitively reflected in the feel of the two blankets. The flannel blanket The surface is softer.

4. With the same pattern, the coral velvet fabric will appear more blurred, and the flannel fabric will be more clear and bright. In terms of price, flannel is a new product, and the technical requirements are relatively high, so the price is a little more expensive than coral fleece.

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