The advantages and disadvantages of a bean bag

Update:18 Apr 2020

Advantages of bean bag 1. Generally speaking, the fabri […]

Advantages of bean bag

1. Generally speaking, the fabric used for the bean bag is polyester-cotton canvas, which is more vivid in color, there will be no cotton balls, no fade or deformation, so it is welcomed by many families.

2. There is no wood as a support, and it is generally designed with cloth and sponge, so the sitting feel is very comfortable.

3. It is convenient to move, especially when you want to bathe the sun in winter, you can move as you like. Of course, if you are tired when you sit and watch TV, it can also be used to lie down and watch TV, and all kinds of shapes can be controlled.

Disadvantages of bean bag

Because the general bean bag is too soft, long-term use will affect the shape and spine of the person. Therefore, for people with cervical spondylosis, it is best not to use the bean bag frequency too much, one time is too long.

In addition, because it is too soft and comfortable, it is easy to cause "lazy cancer". Therefore, it is better not to lie on the lazy couch all day and do not want to get up.

In addition, men should pay attention to sitting on a lazy couch for a long time may also affect sexual function!

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