How to choose accessories for curtain

Update:26 Apr 2020

How to interpret different "protagonist" halo for curta […]

How to interpret different "protagonist" halo for curtain accessories?


Curtains are the most charming magicians in the home,

Choose the right curtain,

The value of the family is increasing rapidly and the atmosphere is refreshing.

In addition to choosing the curtain body,

Accessories and accessories can not be ignored,

It's about the service life of curtains,

It can also make the curtain more vivid,

Deduces the "supporting role" detached style!


--- What are the accessories for curtain? How to choose?

Cloth curtains are composed of curtain body and accessories. The curtain body is the curtain body and curtain head. The accessories include curtain rails, Roman poles, art circles, hooks, magnetic buckles, cloth tape, lace, hanging balls, etc. Every accessory has its inevitability and use value

Curtain track

The curtain track is used to hang curtains, which facilitates opening and closing of the curtains, which not only increases the aesthetics of the curtains, but also makes the curtains more drape-like. There are many types of curtain rails, including wooden rods, aluminum alloy rods, steel pipe rods, iron rods, plastic steel rods, etc., which are generally used in curtain boxes.

Curtain rod

Curtain rod, it plays an important role in the installation, the main material of the curtain rod is metal and wood. The metal rod is matched with silk or yarn decorative cloth, which has a strong contrast between rigidity and softness. The wooden carved head gives a warm and full feeling, so it should be matched with the curtain style when choosing.

Curtain hook / roman ring

Curtain hooks have various specifications and styles, such as round hooks and four-corner hooks. They have exquisite workmanship and a variety of colors. They are mainly made of cloth hooks and resin hooks, while cloth forks are mainly made of metal, which is more practical. The resin hook is mainly made of resin, which has a good performance in appearance.

The roman ring is a slidable hanging ring, which is an important accessory for connecting curtain rods and curtains. The materials are mostly paint, stainless steel, and wood. The average one meter of curtains should hang 5 to 6 roman rings. The ring that is not easy to rust will not affect the use and beauty of the curtain.

Curtain magnetic buckle

In the past, we often used some decorative ropes to fix curtains, but nowadays curtain buckles are becoming more and more popular. It also plays a role in fixing. It is a small button-shaped object for fixing curtains. , Can be divided into butterfly buckle and magnetic curtain buckle.

Curtain side buckle

The curtain side buckle is installed on the wall as a fixing point for the strap to hang the curtain body. The side hook has a variety of styles. With the pursuit of exquisite life, the side buckle becomes more and more refined, and even replaces the function of the strap to become a curtain. An indispensable important accessory.

Curtain straps

Curtain straps are generally divided into two types. One is sewn on the curtain body and tied with a velcro. It is generally made of the remaining fabric of the curtain body. The cost is lower and it is natural with the curtain. One is not hanging on the curtain body, relying on the hanging and hanging of the side hooks installed on the wall.

Curtain lace

Curtain lace is an indispensable embellishment for fabric curtains, which plays a very decorative role. It is like a delicate accessory on a lady's Chinese dress, like a chic silk belt or a bright streamer on the neck.

Although the accessories of curtain accessories exist as "supporting roles",

But they are also indispensable,

In their respective "posts",

Play a seemingly small but detached role,

Has a different kind of "protagonist" aura.

And in the era when finished curtains broke out,

Accessories and accessories are then "packaged and sold",

They also usher in a new model and a new future.

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