Should we install blackout curtains on our balcony?

Update:10 May 2020

When it comes to balconies, we all know that it is the […]

When it comes to balconies, we all know that it is the best space for light, so we hang our clothes here. If installing curtains seems a bit redundant, let alone blackout curtains. So is it good to install blackout curtains on the balcony?

First of all, we have to consider the orientation of the balcony.

If the balcony at home is sunny and the light is particularly good, then it is recommended to install a blackout curtain. This is to use the blackout curtain to block the heat when the sun is strong or when the weekend is resting.

If the lighting of the balcony of the home is moderate, it is recommended not to use full blackout curtains, but to use chenille blackout curtain, so that you can properly choose whether you need blackout to block heat.

If the balcony of the house is backlit, there is no need to install blackout curtains. You can choose ordinary curtains or gauze curtains to hide your privacy.

Secondly, we have to consider whether the balcony is connected to other spatial areas.

If there is a door at the junction of the balcony and other spaces to partition, then the blackout curtain can be installed on the door, and the balcony can be used to dry clothes.

If you like the hazy feeling of curtains, you can install curtains on both the balcony and the partition sliding door, so that blackout curtains can be installed on the balcony to maintain privacy, and gauze curtains can be installed on the sliding door to add mood and can be used to block dazzling eyes. Sunshine.

Finally, what to consider is what furniture or appliances you put on the balcony in addition to drying clothes.

If this balcony is mainly used for drying clothes, you can not install blackout curtains or even curtains because the usage rate is very low.

If household appliances such as washing machines and water heaters are placed on the balcony, consider choosing a shade that is compatible with the overall style, which can play a role in protecting electrical appliances.

In fact, whether to install blackout curtains on the balcony is mainly to see the function of the balcony in the home in home life, not to generalize. If the conditions are right, it is recommended that you install blackout curtains and gauze curtains on the balcony, which is more convenient.

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